Taman Langat Utama


Are you searching for a new house to stay or looking for an opportunity in property investment? Indigo Development Sdn. Bhd. has an establishment of new residential and commercial project at Taman Langat Utama, Kuala Langat Selangor.

Here are some features of the property. The double-storey house was built with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a study room. Construction of houses in Taman Langat Utama was built in accordance to plan with 160 units, 15 units in a row. This landed property is on sale with a starting price from RM 399,900. This is really a good deal especially for most middle class citizens.

This property project is said to have a good location. It is about only 10 minutes from the airports, Kuala Lumpur International Airport 1 and 2. Similarly, it is also 10 minutes away from the Mitsui Outlet, a shopping heaven for shopaholics. Besides that, The Taman Langat Utama project is only about 5 minutes from the Sultan Abdul Samad Mosque and Tabung Haji Complex which is still under development. Apart from close proximity with the buildings mentioned, this project is only about 15 minutes away from Salak Tinggi or City Herritage, about 20 minutes away from the city, Bandar Baru Nilai and about 25 minutes away from Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. All these areas are expanding in terms of popularity. Do take note that this project is highly accessible through many highways such as the ELITE Highway, MEX Highway, PLUS Highway and SKVE Highway.  

If you are interested, you may first visit the housing development area in order to view the property carefully and have a look at its surroundings. Kindly take note that all bank drafts and checks for booking can only be made to the bank account of the developer. For either viewing or booking purpose, you can get further information from its website at www.langatutama.com or its Facebook page, Taman Langat Utama. Do check it out.   

Lego Death Star 10188

If you are a die hard fan of Star Wars, the Lego 10188 Death Star playset will reignite the Star Wars conquest and experience in you all over again just in a different way. This thoroughly designed playset will amaze you with fine tuned and intricate details that have been put together to present the theme to be as alive and as real as it can be despite the reality. It was released in 2008 and is considered the flagship of Lego’s Star Wars collection. It is truly a unique playset and it is one of the most popular sets with a seven year availability.


It borrows characters, scenes and additions from Episodes IV and VI on several decks. All of which you will be familiar with including the Death Star Control room, rotating turbloblaster turrets, hangar bay with TIE advanced Starfighter, tractor beam controls, Emperor’s throne room, detention block, firing laser cannon, imperial conference chamber, droid mainenance facility, the Death Star superlaser and many more. What is exciting is that the set contains 24 minifigures and droids, plus all-new Dianoga™ trash compactor monster which is a lot more than any other Star Wars theme, non-Chess or community Lego set has ever offered, not forgetting 6 exclusive and new minifigures and droids only available in this set like Luke Skywalker™ , Han Solo™ , Assassin Droid™, Interrogation Droid, Death Star Droid and 2 Death Star Troopers™.


One of the things that makes the 10188 Death Star extraordinary is the size of the set which measures a gross 16” (41cm) tall and 16 ½” (42cm) wide. With 3804 pieces, it scores a place of the fourth largest set presently in existence.  It is no surprise if you follow math that a big set plus a large index of minifigures equal a heavy price of $400 for the 10188 Death Star masterpeice. However, it is still considered great value of investment and bargain if you compare it to the 10211 set at the same price but with 3152 pieces and only 5 minifigures of which is another reason why the set is still being produced. Other minifigures you won’t miss includes Chewbacca™, Princess Leia™, Obi Wan Kenobi™ , Darth Vader™, Grand Moff Tarkin™, Emperor Palpatine™, 2 Stormtroopers, 2 Emeror’s Royal Guards™, R2-Q5™  and mouse droid.


From saving Princess Leia from the detention block cell to wiping out the danger through the thrash compactor and sword combating Darth Vader to change the destiny of the galaxy with Luke, there’s nothing you couldn’t do with it. The masterpiece has been coined as a “Dollhouse” by a wife of a Brickset reviewer which is a charming and serious compliment to take for a non-AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego) which assures it’s sturdy playability and striking resemblance to the Star Wars’ characters and settings in brick forms. Today Lego appears to be the number 1 toy brand in the world. In February 2015, Lego has taken over Ferrari’s position as Brand’s Finance “world’s most powerful brand.”

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Everything you need to know about BR1M

The Malaysian government came up with a scheme sometime back in 2012 whereby each household would receive direct cash assistance and thus the BR1M scheme was born. Is it now a good thing that the government has decided to give back some money to the public? Why do some people still complain like this scheme is a disaster? Let us take a closer look at to what the BR1M scheme is all about and what goals does the government plan to accomplish by giving each house hold a certain amount of funds back.

The concept of BR1M is rather simple as the government’s aim is to help out the poorer ones in the community who actually have a household income of less than RM 3000. The goal here is to help those people who are in the lower income bracket to cope with inflation as the cost of living in Malaysia has been rising. The aid given is to minimize the financial burden of these Malaysians as the money given could also be used to cover the cost of the rise of fuel in this country. As of now, households that earn an income between RM 4000 and RM 5000 are not entitled to anything. For those of you who do fall in that income bracket, do not be discouraged as the government is considering to include this higher income group into their scheme in time to come. The reason for this is to provide equal financial aid for majority of the other people who are also having financial difficulties coping with these hard times.

While this might sound like fair play, you will be surprised to find out that they there are a group of people who are the current beneficiaries are arguing that the higher income group which will soon be allowed to receive the aid should not receive the similar amount as they are already earning more. For the year 2015, the aid to be handed out is as shown in the table below.


Despite the government’s plans to help the expansion of the BR1M aid to the public, many people have also been questioning the government as there have been doubts based on the fact that Malaysia has continuously experienced budget deficits for more than 15 years already. Malaysia’s debt has also risen to more than have of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which is the highest compares to twelve other emerging companies in Asia. When this issue was brought up, the government replied to say that they need not necessarily provide aid in the form of cash but instead they could use many other ways to ensure that the needy households get the deserved assistance they need. The government also made it clear by saying that they will not be spending everything they have purely on these cash hand-outs to the public alone so people should not have expectations which are too high.

The Conclusion

By having such a scheme, the people here in Malaysia will have the benefits of paying of some of their bills and this extra boost of income can also serve as a source of emergency fund. Apart from all that, the prime minister has addressed a large gathering to the people at Bagan Serai where he asked the peoples opinion to see if they would benefit more in the event that the fuel prices are reduced or if they would be happier receiving the BR1M aid. Most of the people have also said that they would be happier if they had the BR1M aid as these people with low incomes rarely indulge in activities that involve the use of petrol. For those of you who qualify for this aid, do make sure you apply at the beginning of each year especially if you think you could make good use of this money to help you out with your bills. Traders, farmers and labourers are also some of the other people in society who will benefit a whole lot more from this scheme and the circulation of money among the millions of people will also boost up businesses around.

Ladakh, Himalayas in India

The Himalayas in India. If you always wanted to go to Tibet but with tighter budget , there are parts of Tibets in India. But unlike the Tibet in China, Tibetan culture here are still pretty much intact and not artificially created for tourist. There are permits required for some places but generally it’s much less cut throat compared to traveling tibet  in china.  Ever since 2008 riots, you must be on an expansive tour package to enter Tibet from China.


Leh, capital of Ladakh , an ancient Buddhist kingdom. Situated on the Himalayas roughly around 3200 meters about sea level. Surrounded by snow capped mountain , it is really cold when the sun sets. The house is probably a temple situation on top of a mountain in front of Ladakh Range


Ladakhis are culturally similar with Tibetans. I’m constantly amazed and how cheerful these people are despite the elevation, cold weather and lack of foods. Generally life is tough in the Himalayas


Tsomoriri , one of those himalayan lakes. At altitude around 4500m. Little life lives here. It is really awfully cold when the sun sets, usually below 0. As an usual ill prepared tropical malaysian with very little winter clothing, I find my fingers and toes in immense pain in the morning while shooting around the lake. thank god i still have them with me


I’m amazed how nice people are in Himalayas compare to other parts of india. these monks either do not accept donations or they refused when given more. they only take what they need to survive. In malaysia you’ll see monks driving fancy cars and eating in expansive restaurants.

Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu , Nepal

a monk in front of Swayabhunath Stupa,Kathmandu,Nepal

Boudhanath Stupa, is actually one of the holiest Buddhist stupa in the world. This would also be one of the largest stupa in the world. It’s actually located around 11km away from Kathmandu. I can still remember walking for 2 or 3 hours to reach this site and cheating entrance fees while passing riots as the Nepalese Maoist were having demonstration that day. It was a tough walk


The stupa is large enough that you can climb there and enjoy the views around the temple. On top you can actually see pilgrims and Tibetan refuges walking circling the stupa in clock wise manner(tibetans do that to bring peace to the world) , while the music shop is blasting really peaceful chanting/reglious songs near by. As the sun slowly goes down and the climate becomes much cooler. More pilgrims flocked this place , walking around it.


We sat down the Stupa and watched the sun sets. The sun was beautiful however I think I’m too lazy too take good photos that day. So I enjoy the moment I can.  It one hell of a sunset experience there. We took a tuk tuk back to our cheap bedroom at Thamel area at Kathmandu and had good some good Thungba!



I can never imagine how different Nepal is than India although they are more or less on the same subcontinent. Traveling Nepal is very relaxed and fun.



Greater Kashmir travel pictures

I arrived at Kashmir early in the morning around 12 hours shared jeep ride from Ladakh. The journey was mostly below 0 Celsius with tremendously beautiful Himalayan stars. I did not dare to eat and drink most of the journey. I can still remember being waken up by the police somewhere middle of the night and walked through the security post to register myself. The night is awefully cold and the walk is tough as the air was thin due to the altitude. I’m glad to be able to make it alive to Kashmir from Ladakh.

If you have read my previous post, I was expecting some kind of beautiful place yet I was frustrated.  Kashmir is not some kind of special place that I expected it to be from so much publicites that I have heard of. We are often greeted with hungry touts, tour guides, boatmens, ship hotel man or whatever.  This place has been abandoned by foreign tourists due to security reasons.  Sonoko was right, this place is not special at all.


kashmir dal lake

Kashmir Dal Lake, I was expecting a paradise at this chaotic valley. However Kashmir’s lake is not as beautiful as I expected it to be. I wish I could stay longer here however there will be riots 12 hours after this photo was taken. I also wish to see the muslim quarters area that our guesthouse owner forbids us to go ( security reasons)

kashmir man

Kashmiri man, this guy was in total shock when i took his photo. Probably first time seeing a tourist. It’s good to be at somewhere non-touristic sometimes

Calcutta, Kolkata or West Bengal

I arrived at Calcutta at around 4am in the morning. The train that I took from Varanasi was suppose to take 12 hours, however it took more 30 hours for the train to reach Calcutta. It was a total nightmare sleeping on the train stations smell of poops and eating somewhat dirty foods from street paddlers inside the train. It’s kind of hard to check whether the foods are clean or dirty as there weren’t much choices. I’m lucky that my stomach had adjusted well to Indian foods. My gf is having diarrhea once a week for 2 months. The coach are filled with mosquito in the night and we have to watch our bags from thieves which are well know on that route.

Calcutta’s people are quite mean compared to other cities in India. They will not hesitate to ask tips from you for a small favor. Not to blame them, there are a lot of hardcore poors in Calcutta and they are brought up that way. If you give 10 rupees to a beggar, he will probably give a damn stare at you and ask for more.

We took one of those famous Calcutta yellow cabs and he dropped us somewhere near our destination where we have to walk another 30 minutes to walk to Sudder Street. A long the way I can see a lot of people bathing,cleaning up,brushing teeth along drains with rushing water. And people sweeping the drain.

Its been 2 lousy months and I’m drained to do any serious photography anymore. However, Calcutta isn’t such a bad place compared to other cities in India. Along the hustle bustle people banging into each other while walking, you can still find KFC and tasty foods here. And you can actually find Meat! Quite a rare food in India. There are still some city standards in Calcutta , a bit of peace if you can afford it. A bit of organization.

I’m lucky this is one of the last city that I’ll be in India. It’s been hell of sick journey in India, I promised myself not to go back to India again. Fingers crossed.

I’m really glad to be able to say “I hate India”


Normal scene on morning


Mother Teresa


Communist at Bengal

Taman Tamadun Islam Terengganu Malaysia

Masjid Kul Shariff in Russia

The next time you are at Kuala Terengganu and feeling bored, you can drop by Taman Tamadun Islam. Besides the Crystal mosque, there are also other unique attractions at Taman Tamadun Islam or TTI. I bought the Rm 15 ticket and did not know what to expect. However the experience is quite ok and I did not feel that I was cheated the RM 15.

Costing RM250 Million , this park contains plenty of replicas of Islamic Civilization achievement. These replicas can be from 10 meters high to a mini replica that will fit a few people into it. To be honest, I’m quite impressed by how alike these replicas are. It’s a great way of seeing other buildings without actually visiting those place.

the dome of the rock

The Dome of the Rock , Jerusalm , you can actually go into the replica and there’s a a Dome inside!This shot was taken from inside the dome

muhamad ali mosque ,cairo

Mohamad Ali Mosque, Cairo



blue mosque of turkey


Blue Mosque , Halgo Sophia , Turkey

Masjid Kul Shariff in Russia

Kul Shariff, Russia a few building tall

There are plenty more monuments in the park


Ticket Price 2014

Adult Price                            Rm 15

Children , 7-12                    Rm 18

Children below 7                Free

Senior Citizen                       RM 8



Monday – Thursday        10am – 7pm

Friday – Sunday and public Holiday    9 am – 7Pm

Break for Friday Prayers 11.30 am to 2.30 PM



Kemasik, Kemaman Terengganu


Kemasik beach is one of my favorite photography spots in Malaysia. The reasons ? There are not much reasons when it’s located in the middle of nowhere between Kuantan and Kuala Terengganu.  I do not know why I always stop here for photography.

It must be been it’s proximity or the lekor. The fisherman’s village and those cats living there, begging us for fishes. The tiring long drive….  no matter how tiring , satisfying. There’s always this feeling of belonging nowhere when you are traveling long and far away from home. The feeling of uncertainty ,worrying where I’ll be sleeping that night, how far I can go tonight, will there be anymore rooms at our budget hotel.

The east coast beach drive is very enjoyable. A lot of people told me they love the road trip between Kuantan to Kuala Terengganu

This would be the piece of rock somewhere on the beach that I’ve been photographing for years. The sea is constantly changing in Kemasik beach so everytime I’m able to find some kind of new angle.

To get to Kemasik

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Travelling India

At the heat of India Summer

My first visit to India around 4 years back was not a sweet one, I remember taking a long bus trip from Nepal to Varanasi with a Japanese friend and being conned by thugs and con artiste  along the way. My Japanese friend got manheld and nearly got beatan at the border for refusing to pay the so called extra charges that was not suppose to be.

It was a 2 nights trip on the bus I believe. We took off from Kathmandu on a crap bus blasting loud Hindi songs in the middle of the night. It wasn’t so bad, however my friend did not enjoy it very much. The border was painful , as you have to always watch out when travelling to any borders. Border is a good location for conman to prey for victims due to the confusion and rush.

It is not the best time to reach India around May. It’s one of the peak Indian summer. The travel in the old rusty non-aircondition bus was painful. At near 50 celcious ( I believe it’s much hotter in the bus) , it feels like oven. The sun burns my head when I’m outdoor. And conman rushing to to cheat your money and the smell of the poop and peep on the roads.  On the 2nd night we finally reached Varanasi at around 12am or later.

It was around 2 weeks before I gave up and went back to Malaysia. Sick and horrified.

There it goes, my first impression of India



Banares, Varanasi


People hate to be photographed in India. Unless you are paying a lot of course