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Calcutta, Kolkata or West Bengal

I arrived at Calcutta at around 4am in the morning. The train that I took from Varanasi was suppose to take 12 hours, however it took more 30 hours for the train to reach Calcutta. It was a total nightmare sleeping on the train stations smell of poops and eating somewhat dirty foods from street paddlers inside the train. It’s kind of hard to check whether the foods are clean or dirty as there weren’t much choices. I’m lucky that my stomach had adjusted well to Indian foods. My gf is having diarrhea once a week for 2 months. The coach are filled with mosquito in the night and we have to watch our bags from thieves which are well know on that route.

Calcutta’s people are quite mean compared to other cities in India. They will not hesitate to ask tips from you for a small favor. Not to blame them, there are a lot of hardcore poors in Calcutta and they are brought up that way. If you give 10 rupees to a beggar, he will probably give a damn stare at you and ask for more.

We took one of those famous Calcutta yellow cabs and he dropped us somewhere near our destination where we have to walk another 30 minutes to walk to Sudder Street. A long the way I can see a lot of people bathing,cleaning up,brushing teeth along drains with rushing water. And people sweeping the drain.

Its been 2 lousy months and I’m drained to do any serious photography anymore. However, Calcutta isn’t such a bad place compared to other cities in India. Along the hustle bustle people banging into each other while walking, you can still find KFC and tasty foods here. And you can actually find Meat! Quite a rare food in India. There are still some city standards in Calcutta , a bit of peace if you can afford it. A bit of organization.

I’m lucky this is one of the last city that I’ll be in India. It’s been hell of sick journey in India, I promised myself not to go back to India again. Fingers crossed.

I’m really glad to be able to say “I hate India”


Normal scene on morning


Mother Teresa


Communist at Bengal