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Eating out at Myanmar

If you think that Myanmar is some el-cheapo country which you can spend like a king then you are wrong. Despite the poverty and under development, prices of things at Yangon seems to be at par with Kuala Lumpur or even more expansive than Kuala Lumpur. Expect beers to be cheaper


The price of a fried rice at middle class restaurant can cost as much as 1500 Kyat, RM 6. A can of coke or 100 plus cost near 1000 kyat, RM 4. I’m not sure why it is so expansive, perhaps these goods has to be imported and considered a luxury in Myanmar. Foods seem a little more dirtier at these places but it’s generally pretty tasty.


The pasar malam quality shirt that cost around RM 20 to RM 30 in KL may cost around RM 50 in Yangon


Preserved eggs, one of the best I’ve ever had compared to Malaysians. It’s clear instead of black that you can find in Malaysia, served with sourly sauce.