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Ladakh, Himalayas in India

The Himalayas in India. If you always wanted to go to Tibet but with tighter budget , there are parts of Tibets in India. But unlike the Tibet in China, Tibetan culture here are still pretty much intact and not artificially created for tourist. There are permits required for some places but generally it’s much less cut throat compared to traveling tibet¬† in china.¬† Ever since 2008 riots, you must be on an expansive tour package to enter Tibet from China.


Leh, capital of Ladakh , an ancient Buddhist kingdom. Situated on the Himalayas roughly around 3200 meters about sea level. Surrounded by snow capped mountain , it is really cold when the sun sets. The house is probably a temple situation on top of a mountain in front of Ladakh Range


Ladakhis are culturally similar with Tibetans. I’m constantly amazed and how cheerful these people are despite the elevation, cold weather and lack of foods. Generally life is tough in the Himalayas


Tsomoriri , one of those himalayan lakes. At altitude around 4500m. Little life lives here. It is really awfully cold when the sun sets, usually below 0. As an usual ill prepared tropical malaysian with very little winter clothing, I find my fingers and toes in immense pain in the morning while shooting around the lake. thank god i still have them with me


I’m amazed how nice people are in Himalayas compare to other parts of india. these monks either do not accept donations or they refused when given more. they only take what they need to survive. In malaysia you’ll see monks driving fancy cars and eating in expansive restaurants.