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Lightscribe with HP Dvd 840

Recently I bought myself a HP Dvd 840 for the Lightscribe capability provided by this DVD burner. If you have not heard of it Lightscribe is a technology where you can actually engrave label directly into the back of CD or DVD without needed of those pesky sticker or inkjet device. This method is relatively inexpensive and looks cooler than sticking those labels.


Lightscribe is actually a HP technology. It allow creation of direct disk label by laser , the same way of DVD burning data into your disk surface.

To use lightscribe you need to buy a Lightscribe compatible burner and Lightscribe compatible DVD/ CD.  The normal way of finding one is via the Lightscribe logo on it.

It’s relatively simple to use it, after the normal burning of your dvd, you need to flip your dvd and burn Lightscribe label in to it. HP dvd 840 comes with “Sure thing CD labeler” which is easy to use for label designing. Usually the process takes 10 to 30 minutes depending on the complexity of your label.


Here is my Dvd 840 in action


And there you go , a cool custom made cd label for my customer.


Lightscribe technology is years old. However It still can be trouble looking for it’s DVD which cost around rm 3 per piece. I have a hard time looking for it even in places like Lowyat.