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Myanmar street foods


I finally tried the street foods at Myanmar without having any ill effects (thanks to my Indian trained stomach) . Nevermind the dozens of flies, sands on the rice and somewhat weird taste once a while.

Myanmars local foods are rather thick with oil, soury and salty, but it’s definately cheaper than western foods and therefore will get your trip running longer .Sometimes it smells awful as I’m not a fan of those chinese alike salted fermented vegetables. Myanmar food seems to be heavy with these ingredients.


In a typical Myanmarese hangout tea restaurant, there will be this bucket where the cups are rinsed and being served. After serving a customer the cup will then be dumped into the bucket, then then waiter will pick a cup randomly from the same bucket and rinsing from the same water in the bucket to serve to another customer. I stopped drinking my tea after seeing that. Not an insult, the plates and cups may not be so clean either back in Malaysian food courts, however Malaysians generally do not want to know how their plates and cookeries are being washed.

These restaurant will be showing Thai and Hindi movies from a small TV where patrons inclusive of monks, youngsters, family and children seems to be astonished with. The waiter will practise self censorship and will fast forward any kissing or hugging scene deemed unnessecary for viewing. Myanmar is a deeply religous Buddhist society.

* My wife had a 2 days diarrhea, try these foods only if you are confident enough.