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Taman Tamadun Islam Terengganu Malaysia

Masjid Kul Shariff in Russia

The next time you are at Kuala Terengganu and feeling bored, you can drop by Taman Tamadun Islam. Besides the Crystal mosque, there are also other unique attractions at Taman Tamadun Islam or TTI. I bought the Rm 15 ticket and did not know what to expect. However the experience is quite ok and I did not feel that I was cheated the RM 15.

Costing RM250 Million , this park contains plenty of replicas of Islamic Civilization achievement. These replicas can be from 10 meters high to a mini replica that will fit a few people into it. To be honest, I’m quite impressed by how alike these replicas are. It’s a great way of seeing other buildings without actually visiting those place.

the dome of the rock

The Dome of the Rock , Jerusalm , you can actually go into the replica and there’s a a Dome inside!This shot was taken from inside the dome

muhamad ali mosque ,cairo

Mohamad Ali Mosque, Cairo



blue mosque of turkey


Blue Mosque , Halgo Sophia , Turkey

Masjid Kul Shariff in Russia

Kul Shariff, Russia a few building tall

There are plenty more monuments in the park


Ticket Price 2014

Adult Price                            Rm 15

Children , 7-12                    Rm 18

Children below 7                Free

Senior Citizen                       RM 8



Monday – Thursday        10am – 7pm

Friday – Sunday and public Holiday    9 am – 7Pm

Break for Friday Prayers 11.30 am to 2.30 PM