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Travelling Bagan



Bagan is around 12 hours bus ride from Yangon. It was rather relaxed with comfortable air cond bus and a tire burst in the middle of the journey.It cost around 15000 Kyat or RM 60 for this ride. We reached Bagan aroud 3am in the morning, refusing to check in to waste one day hotel fee,

we sat and waited at the dusty bus station till around 4 to 5am before searching for a place to stay.


Bagan is possibly the top travel destination in Myamar. Temples of Bagan would be the equivalent of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat. It houses perhaps thousands of temples around this area. The next day we rented bicycle to tour around the temple complex, the morning sunrise view from Ming Yien Gon was magnificent with thousands of temples visible with the sun breaking the fogs and mists.

On the full broad daylight view these temples are quite boring.I think I’m still having the temple sickness from Angkor Wat with me all these years. The temples look very uninteresting from close and I did not bother even to enter them

However, the bicycle tour around the the town is rather interesting. I can see how Myanmarese live their life. They smiled and talked a lot to me , but in Myanmarese so I do not have an idea what they meant. I just kept on replying “ning gela bla” which meant hello in Myanmar. Body and sign langauge seems to work much better. It’s interesting to see how these people build their shack home just next to thousand years old monument like it was nothing to them. Perhaps they have been living like that for hundred of years.