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At the heat of India Summer

My first visit to India around 4 years back was not a sweet one, I remember taking a long bus trip from Nepal to Varanasi with a Japanese friend and being conned by thugs and con artiste  along the way. My Japanese friend got manheld and nearly got beatan at the border for refusing to pay the so called extra charges that was not suppose to be.

It was a 2 nights trip on the bus I believe. We took off from Kathmandu on a crap bus blasting loud Hindi songs in the middle of the night. It wasn’t so bad, however my friend did not enjoy it very much. The border was painful , as you have to always watch out when travelling to any borders. Border is a good location for conman to prey for victims due to the confusion and rush.

It is not the best time to reach India around May. It’s one of the peak Indian summer. The travel in the old rusty non-aircondition bus was painful. At near 50 celcious ( I believe it’s much hotter in the bus) , it feels like oven. The sun burns my head when I’m outdoor. And conman rushing to to cheat your money and the smell of the poop and peep on the roads.¬† On the 2nd night we finally reached Varanasi at around 12am or later.

It was around 2 weeks before I gave up and went back to Malaysia. Sick and horrified.

There it goes, my first impression of India



Banares, Varanasi


People hate to be photographed in India. Unless you are paying a lot of course