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Villages in Bagan, Myanmar


It’s good to travel off tourist route once on a bicycle. Luckily there are plenty of local villages behind the to town Ngaung U, Bagan for me to expore around. I checked my maps and decided to spend at least one day exploring it.


Most of the villages are wooden hut with bamboo fences and dusty small paths. Their lifestyle is somewhat similar to the story that you’ll hear from your parents during the old Malayan days. The adults will be busy farming, working while the children spend their time playing in groups. The locals will be staring at you mostly but will smile once you greeted them. People are mostly friendly.


Children and adults enjoy being photographed and will laugh once you preview the photos from the LCD screen.

A fammiliar face inside the village


Most Myanmarese do not have access to clean water. These children were asking for candy but I didn’t have any with me. They kept staring at the bottle which makes me wonder what are they looking at. It was the clean water in the bottle. I gave them the water and they did not hesistate to share it. Each roughly a full mouth of water and it was passed to another.