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Yangon, Myanmar


We got out from Yangon international airport which seems to be a little modern compared to LCCT in Malaysia and took a cab to central Yangon.

The cars being used here are mostly from the early 80s and 90s, those that mechanic still keep for rough usage in Malaysia. Roads are considerably good at Yangon without much poth holes and traffic is not so bad either. The further I am away from the airport, the obvious it gets on how Myanmar is really like.

The nostalgic feeling of travelling poorer countries is back. Yangon feels like any other 3rd world country. Think of Myanmar as a fusion between India, Nepal and Thailand. Except that the people are much better than in India, and it’s much poorer than Thailand. I’ve heard Malaysians describing how backward Yangon is but it’s actually not so bad. The mainstreets are somewhat cleaner however the city is dirty. One definate thing is the touts here are no as pesky as those in India and people are generally nicer and honest. Possibly less conman per capita

 white house hotel

We checked into our unbooked hotel at White house hotel. We got ourself a suite on the top floor of a 8 storey hotel possible one of the best scene around except there is no lift. But hey! it’s only 16usd and around 10 minutes climb to our room. Its time to head for some Dagon beer

Bare cubicle room, the materials to build this room seems to be salvaged from demolished building. Guesthouse quality seems to be bad comparative to other countries. And the Internet is crap here