Taman Langat Utama


Are you searching for a new house to stay or looking for an opportunity in property investment? Indigo Development Sdn. Bhd. has an establishment of new residential and commercial project at Taman Langat Utama, Kuala Langat Selangor.

Here are some features of the property. The double-storey house was built with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a study room. Construction of houses in Taman Langat Utama was built in accordance to plan with 160 units, 15 units in a row. This landed property is on sale with a starting price from RM 399,900. This is really a good deal especially for most middle class citizens.

This property project is said to have a good location. It is about only 10 minutes from the airports, Kuala Lumpur International Airport 1 and 2. Similarly, it is also 10 minutes away from the Mitsui Outlet, a shopping heaven for shopaholics. Besides that, The Taman Langat Utama project is only about 5 minutes from the Sultan Abdul Samad Mosque and Tabung Haji Complex which is still under development. Apart from close proximity with the buildings mentioned, this project is only about 15 minutes away from Salak Tinggi or City Herritage, about 20 minutes away from the city, Bandar Baru Nilai and about 25 minutes away from Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. All these areas are expanding in terms of popularity. Do take note that this project is highly accessible through many highways such as the ELITE Highway, MEX Highway, PLUS Highway and SKVE Highway.  

If you are interested, you may first visit the housing development area in order to view the property carefully and have a look at its surroundings. Kindly take note that all bank drafts and checks for booking can only be made to the bank account of the developer. For either viewing or booking purpose, you can get further information from its website at www.langatutama.com or its Facebook page, Taman Langat Utama. Do check it out.   


Everything you need to know about BR1M

The Malaysian government came up with a scheme sometime back in 2012 whereby each household would receive direct cash assistance and thus the BR1M scheme was born. Is it now a good thing that the government has decided to give back some money to the public? Why do some people still complain like this scheme is a disaster? Let us take a closer look at to what the BR1M scheme is all about and what goals does the government plan to accomplish by giving each house hold a certain amount of funds back.

The concept of BR1M is rather simple as the government’s aim is to help out the poorer ones in the community who actually have a household income of less than RM 3000. The goal here is to help those people who are in the lower income bracket to cope with inflation as the cost of living in Malaysia has been rising. The aid given is to minimize the financial burden of these Malaysians as the money given could also be used to cover the cost of the rise of fuel in this country. As of now, households that earn an income between RM 4000 and RM 5000 are not entitled to anything. For those of you who do fall in that income bracket, do not be discouraged as the government is considering to include this higher income group into their scheme in time to come. The reason for this is to provide equal financial aid for majority of the other people who are also having financial difficulties coping with these hard times.

While this might sound like fair play, you will be surprised to find out that they there are a group of people who are the current beneficiaries are arguing that the higher income group which will soon be allowed to receive the aid should not receive the similar amount as they are already earning more. For the year 2015, the aid to be handed out is as shown in the table below.


Despite the government’s plans to help the expansion of the BR1M aid to the public, many people have also been questioning the government as there have been doubts based on the fact that Malaysia has continuously experienced budget deficits for more than 15 years already. Malaysia’s debt has also risen to more than have of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which is the highest compares to twelve other emerging companies in Asia. When this issue was brought up, the government replied to say that they need not necessarily provide aid in the form of cash but instead they could use many other ways to ensure that the needy households get the deserved assistance they need. The government also made it clear by saying that they will not be spending everything they have purely on these cash hand-outs to the public alone so people should not have expectations which are too high.

The Conclusion

By having such a scheme, the people here in Malaysia will have the benefits of paying of some of their bills and this extra boost of income can also serve as a source of emergency fund. Apart from all that, the prime minister has addressed a large gathering to the people at Bagan Serai where he asked the peoples opinion to see if they would benefit more in the event that the fuel prices are reduced or if they would be happier receiving the BR1M aid. Most of the people have also said that they would be happier if they had the BR1M aid as these people with low incomes rarely indulge in activities that involve the use of petrol. For those of you who qualify for this aid, do make sure you apply at the beginning of each year especially if you think you could make good use of this money to help you out with your bills. Traders, farmers and labourers are also some of the other people in society who will benefit a whole lot more from this scheme and the circulation of money among the millions of people will also boost up businesses around.

Ladakh, Himalayas in India

The Himalayas in India. If you always wanted to go to Tibet but with tighter budget , there are parts of Tibets in India. But unlike the Tibet in China, Tibetan culture here are still pretty much intact and not artificially created for tourist. There are permits required for some places but generally it’s much less cut throat compared to traveling tibet  in china.  Ever since 2008 riots, you must be on an expansive tour package to enter Tibet from China.


Leh, capital of Ladakh , an ancient Buddhist kingdom. Situated on the Himalayas roughly around 3200 meters about sea level. Surrounded by snow capped mountain , it is really cold when the sun sets. The house is probably a temple situation on top of a mountain in front of Ladakh Range


Ladakhis are culturally similar with Tibetans. I’m constantly amazed and how cheerful these people are despite the elevation, cold weather and lack of foods. Generally life is tough in the Himalayas


Tsomoriri , one of those himalayan lakes. At altitude around 4500m. Little life lives here. It is really awfully cold when the sun sets, usually below 0. As an usual ill prepared tropical malaysian with very little winter clothing, I find my fingers and toes in immense pain in the morning while shooting around the lake. thank god i still have them with me


I’m amazed how nice people are in Himalayas compare to other parts of india. these monks either do not accept donations or they refused when given more. they only take what they need to survive. In malaysia you’ll see monks driving fancy cars and eating in expansive restaurants.

Taman Tamadun Islam Terengganu Malaysia

Masjid Kul Shariff in Russia

The next time you are at Kuala Terengganu and feeling bored, you can drop by Taman Tamadun Islam. Besides the Crystal mosque, there are also other unique attractions at Taman Tamadun Islam or TTI. I bought the Rm 15 ticket and did not know what to expect. However the experience is quite ok and I did not feel that I was cheated the RM 15.

Costing RM250 Million , this park contains plenty of replicas of Islamic Civilization achievement. These replicas can be from 10 meters high to a mini replica that will fit a few people into it. To be honest, I’m quite impressed by how alike these replicas are. It’s a great way of seeing other buildings without actually visiting those place.

the dome of the rock

The Dome of the Rock , Jerusalm , you can actually go into the replica and there’s a a Dome inside!This shot was taken from inside the dome

muhamad ali mosque ,cairo

Mohamad Ali Mosque, Cairo



blue mosque of turkey


Blue Mosque , Halgo Sophia , Turkey

Masjid Kul Shariff in Russia

Kul Shariff, Russia a few building tall

There are plenty more monuments in the park


Ticket Price 2014

Adult Price                            Rm 15

Children , 7-12                    Rm 18

Children below 7                Free

Senior Citizen                       RM 8



Monday – Thursday        10am – 7pm

Friday – Sunday and public Holiday    9 am – 7Pm

Break for Friday Prayers 11.30 am to 2.30 PM



Ways on how to unblock Facebook at your office

Unable to surf Facebook/Youtube as you are being blocked by your parents and your bosses ?

There are many type of technologies used to block these traffics or websites. Understanding these methods may help on how to actually bypass it. Here are some get shares so you can sneakily access Facebook or other great site even though they are blocked

* I will take no responsibilities for anything illegal done with this method as I’m sharing it for my own purposes.

* I will take no responsibilities for any damages/ interruptions cause by changes  done

*Use this method at your own risk

Please take note that not all the method will work. It’s important to understand how the blocking your network works. There are just too much  technologies out there that I cannot explain all , some are less secure and some are more secure but theoretically speaking there are no 100% security in IT world

1 ) MOST Effective method   (Free)


Ultrasurf & Ultrareach

This is one hell of a program to bypass filter protection. This program uses SSL (Encrypted connection) to connect to a proxy out there where firewall,eg is not able to block your connection. Possibly the best and most effective ways out there (correct me if I’m wrong).  To start you need to download this program from it’s website


Unzip Start, the program up

If you are able to see a green color, it’s a very good sign.  It will pop up a IE where you can surf without limitation. However I do not use any sensitive transactions on urltrasurf as technically, you are connecting to someone’s server before connecting to the internet.

2) Use a proxy ( Free and paid)

During the past, this one of my favorite method when I want to do something anonymously on the internet.  You can use free proxy on the list below, however most free proxy servers are short lifted and you may have to find an alive on from time to time






3) Use VPN service ( Paid & Reliable)

The two methods previously are based on Web technology. VPN is actually a technology where you can build a secured tunnel to a target network/server. So this this tunnel is secured, there are no ways of firewall blocking them. VPN is commonly being used in office environment so the possibility of it being blocked is quite low.  However the downside if this is that I’ve never seen any free VPN service before. You can actually setup a VPN server somewhere overseas and connect to it for free 😀

You can buy the service from


Will be sharing more when I have the time to


Detect hack wifi at your home ?

Are you using a wifi at your home? You may not know this, however your harmless neighbour may be snopping and cracking your wifi key while using your Internet for free. Using your Internet is still considered harmless. Once an attacker is on your network, it is not so hard to use other methods to get your email accounts or Online banking account. Even your video sex chat may be compromised.

Wireless hacking is now more common than you know.You can buy gadgets at less than $50 over the Internet to crack Wifi-key. My wireless network has been hacked into a few times in my life. My guess is most attack goes unnoticed since people do not know how to detect it at the first place.

Having 7 years experience in IT security,  I have pretty strong network key, using WPA2 and cleverly enough not broadcast my SSID. I had a shock yesterday when I saw a stranger PC in my network. I have a strong reason to believe that my neighbour has hacked into my network a few times event I’ve changed the key  to a stronger one.

How to check intrusion PC in your network ? 

1. Easiest way is to check from your wireless router.  This may vary from router manufacturer and model. Go to your router DHCP list. The method may not be so perfect, however this will give an idea who is connected to your network. Do a count of total PC, mobile devices or laptops that is up and running. If you see one or two extra IP Address and foreign hostname in your network, the chances are you have been hacked!

for this example there are 1 PC connected into the network

2. This method is a little more advance. However it does give a much clearer idea on IP Addresses that are on your network.

Download Nmap from the Internet. Run a Ping scan over your subnet. It will display IP address that are live on your network.

To run , Start->run

C:\>nmap -sP

Starting Nmap 5.51 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2012-02-24 15:15 Malay P
ard Time
Nmap scan report for
Host is up (0.018s latency).
MAC Address: 94:44:52:8E:2A:04 (Belkin International)
Nmap scan report for
Host is up (0.10s latency).
MAC Address: 00:18:DE:B9:27:64 (Intel)
Nmap scan report for
Host is up (0.10s latency).
MAC Address: 00:22:75:76:34:CD (Belkin International)
Nmap scan report for
Host is up.
Nmap done: 256 IP addresses (4 hosts up) scanned in 8.61 seconds

There are 4 IP addresses Up and running which includes the WiFi router from the Nmap command.

Ok, we have know how to detect the intrusive element on the network. The next step is possible to secure your network and prevent reintrusion again.

 Things you can do to make your network secure  ? 

  • Changed your Networkname or SSID , remove broadcasting
  • Do not use WEP but use WPA2 instead. The newer algorithm always works better
  • Use longer and stronger Network key
  • Tune down the wireless signal. Less strength means it will not likely to go next door. In my case I used paperbag to wrap around the router.

For my case, things did not workout although the methods above are implemented. I can see the intrusive PC again a few hours later. The intruder seems to be pretty good at this. Cracking the key again. Fortunately my Belkin router comes with MAC address filtering option for the network. MAC address would be the hardware address on the network card. However this would mean that I will need to add all the connected device MAC address into the router table.

To collect MAC address , go to your PC Start->run


Ipconfig /all

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : Belkin
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Wireless G USB Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : XX-XX-6D-E1-2F-02          <—- MAC address
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes


After I added the MAC address filtering, the intruder does not shows up anymore. The funny thing is, one of my particular neighbor seems to hang out on the lawn more after I’ve implemented the security on my Wifi Network.

Personal Loan by Bank Rakyat

Bank Rakyat offers many financial services including Personal Financing, if you are looking for personal financing here are some financial packages you can consider.

Well known as an Islamic cooperative bank which was established in 1954 under the Cooperative Ordinance of 1948, following the growth of the cooperative movement in Peninsular Malaysia.

Previously known as Bank Agong or Apex Bank, this financial institution was the result of a merger with 11 union banks. It was then established as a primary channel to collect funds, and distribute financing to cooperatives. Renamed Bank Kerjasama Malaysia Berhad in 1967, the Bank has since extended its membership to individuals as well.

Currently for personal loans Bank Rakyat offer Personal Financing-iAslah for Civil Servant (RakanPintar) & Private. This is to cater to the needs of customers from different work background and easy application.

Customers who apply for Personal Financing-iAslah must fulfil all the criteria’s:

  • Malaysian citizen
  • Minimum age of 18 years and maximum 60 years old at the end of the financing tenure
  • Minimum fixed monthly income of RM1,000 including fixed allowances
  • Public sector employee
  • Have been confirm in current service

Bank Rakyat offers a unique plan under “Personal Financing-iAslah” which is designed specifically for public servants& private in which it offers a lower profit rate with the following benefits:

Features of Personal Financing-iAslah for Public Servants

  • Amount of financing up to RM200,000
  • Financing tenure up to 10 years
  • Financing margin up to 35 times your monthly gross salary
  • No guarantor
  • Takaful coverage are optional
  • No advance payment

Features of Personal Financing-iAslah for Private

  • Amount of financing up to RM150,000
  • Financing tenure up to 10 years
  • Financing margin up to 10 times your monthly gross salary (Salary RM2,000 – RM3,000) and 15 times your monthly gross salary (Salary RM3,001 and above)
  • No guarantor
  • Takaful coverage are optional
  • No advance payment

Negotiation rate offered to employees of companies or cooperatives with certain conditions stated by Bank. Customers can select a preferable payment methodfor Personal Financing-iAslah.

  • Saving/Current Account Deduction (Salary transfer to Bank Rakyat)
  • Documents Required

Please prepare the this documents for Personal Financing-iAslah application:


New Application          

1. Copy of Identity Card / Authority Card (Police / Army)

2. Latest 3 months’ salary slip

3. Latest employer’s confirmation letter

4. Latest three (3) months Bank Statements of salary crediting account


Repeated/Overlap Application 

1. Copy of Identity Card

2. Latest 3 months’ salary slip





Radiohead – “Give Up The Ghost” Live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon


With performances on Saturday Night LiveThe Colbert Report and two sold out shows at the Roseland Ballroom,Radiohead has certainly made the most of their journey to New York. To cap it all off, Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to perform a gorgeous rendition of “Give Up The Ghost” as R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe looked on. 

OW’s NM M’s – Volume 2

I remembered. Therefore, welcome to the second edition of Octopus Windmill’s New Music Monday’s, aimed at getting you some essential new tunes to start off your week. Check out the mp3’s below and/or go here to download all the songs in one fell swoop.

Malachai – Ugly Side of Love (Domino) 

“Fading World” 

Yeah, I’d never heard of these guys either. But give it a chance and you’ll be happy you know them now. Malachai hails from Bristol, England and borrowed their name from the red-haired kid in the horror film Children of the Corn, which is pretty awesome. Musically, it reminds me of some obscure psych record from the 60s that melts while it spins on your record player. If you buy the record and it actually does that, please call me. And maybe call Robert Ripley too. If the phone keeps ringing, it’s because he’s dead.

Album Out now on Domino


Yeasayer – Odd Blood (Secretly Canadian) “O.N.E.” 

O.n.e. of today’s better live band’s pumps up the jam on their highly-anticipated second album. I’m still trying to make up my mind about the record as a whole. Like their debut, All Hour Symbols, the standout tracks make the non-standout tracks pale in comparison, even though the non-standout’s are far better than a lot of what’s coming out these days. Anyway, “O.N.E.” is o.n.e. of these standout’s. Amsterdam’ers be dam’d if you miss these dudes in March at ParadisoOut 2/09/10 (U.S.) on Secretly Canadian


Caribou – Swim (Merge) 

Instantly my favorite thing I’ve heard from Caribou. You wanna dance? You can dance to this. You wanna chill out? You can chill out to this. You wanna get a cheeseburger? Seriously, I’m craving a cheeseburger and I’m wondering if you’ll go with me. No? Fine. I’ll go by myself and listen to this on the way. Geez.  Out 4/20/10 on Merge



Joanna Newsom – Have One On Me (Drag City) 
GARDEN PARTY! WOO WOO SPRING BREAK 2010!!!! Just kidding. I’m admittedly pretty picky with female vocalists, yet somehow Joanna Newsom, an odd-ball vocalist who plays the harp and is supposedly datingthis guy, steals my heart every time. After her previous album, Ys, it’s nice to hear her so stripped down. I wonder how it’ll mix with the other songs on the not-one, not-two, but three-CD/LP album. I hope her fingers are okay.  Out 2/23/10 on Drag City

Ninjasonik – Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant (?)
“Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant”
Even though I had no idea they were performing, I had the great pleasure of seeing this Brooklyn lo-fi rap/punk trio totally upstage Spank Rock the other night at Paradiso. This doesn’t appear to be out on any official full-length or EP that I can find, but I’m predicting that these self-proclaimed “tight jeans-wearing…” hip hop hipsters will be making a mess of people’s ears in the coming years. Ooh, part of my rap post rhymed. Watch this awesomeness in music video format here.


Micro Niche Finder Review

microwideboxWith the market become more saturated, Micro Niche Finder is one hell of a software to tap into niche market on the internet. This is one of the top keywords research tool used by Internet Marketers to find niche keywords to concentrate on be it if you are a blogger, webmaster ,etc.  There are plenty of keywords tool available in the market however Micro Niche Finder would be top of it.

This is one of my favorite keywords research tools

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What is so special about this software ?

It actually grabs data from Google , Yahoo and actually compiles it in a user friend view and tells you how competitive would a keyword be. It will also generate other related keywords that you may find not competitive. A

s you can see below this would be a simple search for keyword “pasta”. Micro niche finder is able to find other keywords which are related to pasta keyword that you are searching for.  Micro Niche Finder then also displays the Ad cost of the keywords. To check how competitive the keyword would be click on SOC and Micro Niche finder will automatically check how competitive would the keyword be. If you get a green, it is likely that the keyword that you are targeting is not competitive. Be sure to check the monthly traffic so that the keywords have enough searches.


You can purchase Micro Niche Finder using the url below.

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