Kemasik, Kemaman Terengganu


Kemasik beach is one of my favorite photography spots in Malaysia. The reasons ? There are not much reasons when it’s located in the middle of nowhere between Kuantan and Kuala Terengganu.  I do not know why I always stop here for photography.

It must be been it’s proximity or the lekor. The fisherman’s village and those cats living there, begging us for fishes. The tiring long drive….  no matter how tiring , satisfying. There’s always this feeling of belonging nowhere when you are traveling long and far away from home. The feeling of uncertainty ,worrying where I’ll be sleeping that night, how far I can go tonight, will there be anymore rooms at our budget hotel.

The east coast beach drive is very enjoyable. A lot of people told me they love the road trip between Kuantan to Kuala Terengganu

This would be the piece of rock somewhere on the beach that I’ve been photographing for years. The sea is constantly changing in Kemasik beach so everytime I’m able to find some kind of new angle.

To get to Kemasik

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Pantai Jeram Long exposure photography

pantai jeram

Pantai Remis and Pantai Jeram has been one of those place that I wanted to visit soon in my list of photography destination. This place is situation near Kuala Selangor to be exact, somewhere in the middle of Klang and Kuala Selangor. Pantai Remis is one of the good spot for long exposure photography around west coast of Malaysia.

This particular bridge somewhere in the sea is quite photogenic. We photographed this place for a couple of hours and heck, this place is heavily infested with mosquitoes.

 pantai jeram 01

Despite the photos looking clean. This beach is particulary dirty and muddy. There are plenty of glasses and rubbish around so watch your step around the beach.

So the next time you are travelling to Sekinchan, it’s a good place to drop by to watch fisherman and have good seafoods.

How to get there!

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Rajasthani Women

rajasthan woman 01

Rajasthani Women are possible one of the finest decorated on my travels in north India. Their women are always dressed in vivid colored ghaghra or saree made by either silk or cotton. These dresses are usually in bright colors such as blue , orange and red. A peice of cloth is often used to cover the head from desert sun heat for modesty purpose.

I love how finely jewellery decorated these woman are right from the head, neck to waist to the legs. These jewellery represent some kind of status for Rajasthan women.  The one on top of her head would be called Bor. The nose chain represents her marital status

We received an invitation from this Rajasthani woman who then tried to sell us stuffs that we don’t need from her, however we gave some money to her although she’s still pissed off. Always be vary of house visitation offer when you are in India.

Portrait of a India Rajasthani woman

All photos were taken with a D90 and some sort of natural lights.