Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda

We walked around 30 minutes on hot blazing sun from our guesthouse to reach this place. We were looking to evade the entrance fees however the entrancee seems well guarded.

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River and buffaloes. A baby buffalo cost around 300 USD

Hsipaw or Thipaw is a small town that is around 5 hours by bus away north of Mandalay. This charming small town is located in Shan State , 500M above sea level is inhabited mostly by Shan people and various indigenous people. The Shan are mostly Buddhist with completely different language from Burmese. I came here with plan to stay one night or two however I got hooked around 5 nights here. What can be better than cycling bicycle around the farms and villages with fresh air, cheap beers and water buffaloes.

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Eating out at Myanmar

If you think that Myanmar is some el-cheapo country which you can spend like a king then you are wrong. Despite the poverty and under development, prices of things at Yangon seems to be at par with Kuala Lumpur or even more expansive than Kuala Lumpur. Expect beers to be cheaper


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Rajasthani Women

rajasthan woman 01

Rajasthani Women are possible one of the finest decorated on my travels in north India. Their women are always dressed in vivid colored ghaghra or saree made by either silk or cotton. These dresses are usually in bright colors such as blue , orange and red. A peice of cloth is often used to cover the head from desert sun heat for modesty purpose.

I love how finely jewellery decorated these woman are right from the head, neck to waist to the legs. These jewellery represent some kind of status for Rajasthan women.  The one on top of her head would be called Bor. The nose chain represents her marital status

We received an invitation from this Rajasthani woman who then tried to sell us stuffs that we don’t need from her, however we gave some money to her although she’s still pissed off. Always be vary of house visitation offer when you are in India.

Portrait of a India Rajasthani woman

All photos were taken with a D90 and some sort of natural lights.