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River and buffaloes. A baby buffalo cost around 300 USD

Hsipaw or Thipaw is a small town that is around 5 hours by bus away north of Mandalay. This charming small town is located in Shan State , 500M above sea level is inhabited mostly by Shan people and various indigenous people. The Shan are mostly Buddhist with completely different language from Burmese. I came here with plan to stay one night or two however I got hooked around 5 nights here. What can be better than cycling bicycle around the farms and villages with fresh air, cheap beers and water buffaloes.

monk burma

Monks procession in the morning is a common sight in Myanmar

myanmar villages

It is really cold in the morning, villagers are seen washing and cleaning from the river.

shan noodle

Shan style noodle is very common in Shan State. It’s quite sour served with fried pork skin. Breakfast usually comes free along with Rooms in Myanmar

With a population 30,000 , Hsipaw is one of those town where everybody seems to know each other by name. Locals are friendly and helpful. It gets very foggy in the morning and temperature drops below 10C in the night around winter  so it’s a really good idea to bring a lot of warm clothes.

Attractions in Hsipaw
Teak monastry and Bamboo Buddha is located at the north of Hsipaw.This old monastry is fully built with teak woods. Along the way you will pass little bagan, ruins of old stupas. Perhaps dropping by Mrs Popcorn place for a lunch.

Hot Spring & Waterfall is a few hours trek away, you will pass through local Shan villages and farm fields

Trekking tour There are plenty of tour to check around

9 Buddha sunset hill is one of the best place to view sunset in Hsipaw

Getting there

Roughly 5 hours by from Mandalay.


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