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Indus River

When I was in secondary school, we studied Indus river on history books. It’s the source of the early civilization in the world. I never thought I will visiting thef Indus river someday. This river is huge the source of the river starts from glacier of mountanous Tibet , travelling to Jammu Kashmir to Pakistan, and flows right to Arabian sea.


The great Indus river is at least 1 km below that valley. The surrounding of high altitude Ladakh is just dry and cold. Our driver stopped to let us have a peek at the river.  Millions of people depended on this river to survive.


The kids were playing sands, nothing much while their parents are working to fix the roads. The condition is not so good, it’s very hot and dusty. They were really happy to be photographed by us


The typical long highway across the plains


Mountainous Himalayas , always cold and tiring but peaceful