Greater Kashmir travel pictures

I arrived at Kashmir early in the morning around 12 hours shared jeep ride from Ladakh. The journey was mostly below 0 Celsius with tremendously beautiful Himalayan stars. I did not dare to eat and drink most of the journey. I can still remember being waken up by the police somewhere middle of the night and walked through the security post to register myself. The night is awefully cold and the walk is tough as the air was thin due to the altitude. I’m glad to be able to make it alive to Kashmir from Ladakh.

If you have read my previous post, I was expecting some kind of beautiful place yet I was frustrated.  Kashmir is not some kind of special place that I expected it to be from so much publicites that I have heard of. We are often greeted with hungry touts, tour guides, boatmens, ship hotel man or whatever.  This place has been abandoned by foreign tourists due to security reasons.  Sonoko was right, this place is not special at all.


kashmir dal lake

Kashmir Dal Lake, I was expecting a paradise at this chaotic valley. However Kashmir’s lake is not as beautiful as I expected it to be. I wish I could stay longer here however there will be riots 12 hours after this photo was taken. I also wish to see the muslim quarters area that our guesthouse owner forbids us to go ( security reasons)

kashmir man

Kashmiri man, this guy was in total shock when i took his photo. Probably first time seeing a tourist. It’s good to be at somewhere non-touristic sometimes