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Travelling to Mandalay

mandalay fort

Mandalay would be the second largest city in Myanmar. This city is normally quite far up the north and would be in the list of tourist route to travel. There are plenty of licensed guesthouses at the downtown of Mandalay but it get cramped in the peak season at the end of year so booking early may be wise.

You will possibly arrive from express bus which will stop at the bus station which is quite far away from the downtown. A taxi ride to downtown will cost around 5000 Kyats.

Things to do

There are a few attractions in Mandalay itself, perhaps the Mandalay Palace and fort which is in walking range from the Mandalay Downtown. Mandalay is also a good place to have cheap draft beers and good chinese foods.


tiger beer mandalay

A drafted Tiger cost less than 1 USD , usually comes with tit bits such as peanuts and fried stuffs

Around Mandalay.



However it would be quite common for all tourist to hire a day taxi to the Amarapura, Sagaing, Mingu which is near Mandalay. The cost of Taxi would be around 23000 Kyat  ( near 30 usd).

amarapura bridge



U bein bridge, Amarapura the most photographed place in Myanmar is a great palace for sunset. This bride is older than the city of Kuala lumpur and it’s fully built by teak woods. During the sunset the bridge will be filled with locals walking back to their villages.

mandalay taxi

Typical taxi in Mandalay


Sagaing Hill

This hill houses a monastery on top of it.  Mandalay has the most monks on the whole of Myanmar. It takes around 20 minutes hike by foot to reach the monastery.

sagaing hill novices

Novices at Sagaing Hill