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Ways on how to unblock Facebook at your office

Unable to surf Facebook/Youtube as you are being blocked by your parents and your bosses ?

There are many type of technologies used to block these traffics or websites. Understanding these methods may help on how to actually bypass it. Here are some get shares so you can sneakily access Facebook or other great site even though they are blocked

* I will take no responsibilities for anything illegal done with this method as I’m sharing it for my own purposes.

* I will take no responsibilities for any damages/ interruptions cause by changes  done

*Use this method at your own risk

Please take note that not all the method will work. It’s important to understand how the blocking your network works. There are just too much  technologies out there that I cannot explain all , some are less secure and some are more secure but theoretically speaking there are no 100% security in IT world

1 ) MOST Effective method   (Free)


Ultrasurf & Ultrareach

This is one hell of a program to bypass filter protection. This program uses SSL (Encrypted connection) to connect to a proxy out there where firewall,eg is not able to block your connection. Possibly the best and most effective ways out there (correct me if I’m wrong).  To start you need to download this program from it’s website

Unzip Start, the program up

If you are able to see a green color, it’s a very good sign.  It will pop up a IE where you can surf without limitation. However I do not use any sensitive transactions on urltrasurf as technically, you are connecting to someone’s server before connecting to the internet.

2) Use a proxy ( Free and paid)

During the past, this one of my favorite method when I want to do something anonymously on the internet.  You can use free proxy on the list below, however most free proxy servers are short lifted and you may have to find an alive on from time to time

3) Use VPN service ( Paid & Reliable)

The two methods previously are based on Web technology. VPN is actually a technology where you can build a secured tunnel to a target network/server. So this this tunnel is secured, there are no ways of firewall blocking them. VPN is commonly being used in office environment so the possibility of it being blocked is quite low.  However the downside if this is that I’ve never seen any free VPN service before. You can actually setup a VPN server somewhere overseas and connect to it for free 😀

You can buy the service from

Will be sharing more when I have the time to