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Word Lens Android -the Awesome app


OCR /Optical Character Recognition

Optical character Recognition is the process of converting text from sources such as image whether it’s typewritten or hand written into digital format. The application that performs the OCR will have to recognize the text by text using best guesses. OCR is quite accurate and reliable irrespective of font type.

Word lens utilizes OCR and it’s able to recognize complex patter however there are limitation of language translation.

World Lens Android


Do you have a trouble readings sign and text board around you ? Look no further as Word Lens Android is design to assist you with text reading and translation.

What is word lens ? 

World Lens is a very creative application that was design to read text in realtime from your smartphone cameras and converting it into digital text.The technology behind this is known as Augmented reality. The beauty of these conversion is  that you can have the digital version of the text to be translated. The Word Lens application is capable of translating these text in real time manner without even having to be connected to the Internet.

Translating text in an image ?


Welcome to the future. Ever since birth of smartphone, with processing getting faster and smaller. It has opened a new opportunity to humanity. These smart phone devices maybe me small, however they are mighty.

Technically the web camera can be use to read text from an images. Are  you looking into Translating text in an image ?  With word lens application this is already a feasible technology on your mobile.


With Word Lens you can actually translate text in real time matter with your smartphone or tablet devices. The best thing about this is there are no need of Internet or any network connection. Everything comes on the app itself. Basically the app will read the text from your camera and translate it real time.

However, as with all other software translator. Word lens may not be perfect. You should at least get a basic direct translation of a language. This is one app that you must have for all hardcore travelers !

Language supported

  • Spanish
  • English
  • Italy
  • France

Please take note that each way translation function has to be purchased. Cheers 😀